all of Anderson's discussion questions labeled by chapter and on one sheet to make any easy handout.

I organized all of the DYRT questions including Anderson's into a chapter by chapter guide since we will be reading at different paces. Please email me with additional questions that you think of please.

Anderson Project Stuff
Quick working definitions of race, social class, and gender.
This is the Powerpoint that I showed y'all in our meeting.


Spanos's ppt introducing RAFT
Practice sheet for using RAFT. Students fill in the RAFT based on the prompt and then actually respond to 2 of the 4 prompts.
This is the word doc that has the big list of roles, audiences, formats, and topics.
This is a short set of questions to make sure the students all have roles in the group projects.

I found these on my jump drive. I haven't gone over them, but it looks like a bunch of DYRT questions for the whole book.

a list of vocab words for each chapter.
this is great because it puts the responsibility for vocabulary in the student's hands.
a power point that my student teacher left me but I don't know what clip it is referring to in the final slide.
this can be used before showing the clip
I believe this goes with a Safari Montage clip

I've never used this but it looks interesting for those trying to differentiate.
I need to locate the article that goes with this activity but I think any article about her would work.
This activity requires you to bring in multiple pairs of interesting shoes but the kids love it!
I love this power point but I would need to give you some info about the Starbucks ad to make them understand. It is very timely considering the anniversary of 9/11 just passed.
I really enjoyed this activity but it does take some time(which I know can be hard to spare)
I highly reccomend having your kids fill these out as they read the intro. I wouldn't copy them for them but instead make them available on Classjump.

The srapbook and Facebook page were options for final projects from my student teacher. They are good but could be tweaked.

DYRT satnds for "Did you read this?" - they are comprised of ten literal questions each to assess simply wether or not they have read the assigned sections.

Fun activity to teach idiom.

I love this but it doesn't require them to have read the book.
These are scripts for the trial chapters. I have them break into small groups and take parts. I honestly think the narration could be mostly dropped in some areas.

Harper Lee biographical info
Civil Rights Movement background info
Student & Teacher Guide form the UK :)

AWESOME guidebook with lesson plans, activities, and links that fit perfectly with our lessons from the first month of school - point of view & Langston Hughes - and what we wanted to use already - Scottsboro boys, film study stuff, etc.

PBS Site for the Scottsboro video on Safari Montage