ALPHA: intro material
Great to just put up on the screen
Basic Bio of Homer (as much as we can know)
Use to help explain to students that The Odyssey is an epic poem, not a novel, and how that's different
Guided reading with fill in the blank.
I consider this intro because our textbook totally skips it. The kids read the summary once then I read it to them. Then I take it away and they have to put it in order by memory.

NU: the meat of the unit
This is a short writing assignment for after the Calypso section. I have also attached examples of A-B-C work to show them expectation.

The next few are to encourage independent reading which I have found to be difficult with this text.

guided reading based on the Cyclops section in the purple reading workbooks. I made it because I didn't have enough for every student but it works just as well.

Helps them to understand the process after death. It really catches their interest.

I love this section but it is left out of our new textbook. I still teach it with the old textbook and my kids love it.
Again just another guided reading handout.

NEW STUDY GUIDE - blend of Pearson and Holt texts Part One

great for practicing internal and external conflict. It is best used right before reading the section when he returns to Ithaca.

OMEGA: summative assessments

Part One Test (matching & short answer)

Part Two Test (short answer)

People & places in the Odyssey

I use this for some of my IEP and lower ELL students (less writing)

Epic Hero, conflict, vocabulary with The Odyssey
Elements of epics and myths
Cause-effect, summarizing, drawing conclusions with The Odyssey
Teaching The Odyssey to Advanced Students
epic & myth unit diagnostic test
Holt Reader text of the Cyclops episode, analysis of Odysseus as an epic hero, & key
Adapted Reader version of the Cyclops episode, woksheets, & key
Odyssey Part One worksheet & key
Odyssey Part One quiz & key
Adapted Reader version of portions of Part Two, worksheets, & key
Odyssey Part Two worksheet & key
Odyssey Part Two quiz & key
Odyssey summative assessment


Great higher-order thinking activity that ties in with Freshman Seminar & Careers
lesson plans & handouts to go with the Odyssey

Compare/contrast with "O brother where art thou?" film
One of my students' favorite summative activities that we do all year.

I've never actually used this one but I always thought it sounded fun.