Short Stories

Graphic Organizers
chart for elements of a short story

another way to analyze a short story or article
graphic organizer for 3 types of irony
graphic organizer to contrast characters similar but more detailed

graphic organizer for types of conflict
graphic organizer to look at a conflict in more detail and summarize
good for chunking the text, making inferences & predictions about what will happen next


post-reading formative

The Necklace
post-reading formative
plot sequence activity/manipulatives

reader's theater play version of the story

The Gift of the Magi

application of vocab.
post-reading formative

reader's theater play version of the story

Most Dangerous Game

Scarlet Ibis

Silly short story about a hamster with attention to alliteration, foreshadowing, inference, and tone
fable of "The Dog and His Shadow"