ALPHA: intro material
Anticipation Guide

NU: the meat of the unit Mythological Monsters: research & create new monster(REVISED) I made this to show the students after they research the monsters, gives them a visual and it's fun The Ancient Greek creation story and a slide for each of the major gods and goddesses with their Roman names, symbols, and basic info. I'm using this for the characters that we don't have someone presenting on. Feel free to add to it.
literal vs. figurative language using Greek mythology
analyzing a myth graphic organizer


Article about Hercules & Superman for a compare/contrast exercise
Guided worksheet to compare & contrast the heroes, then write an essay
Bonus activity to use with the article that makes them go back to the text
Answer Key to the above activities (scroll to page 3)

OMEGA: summative assessments

Presentation assignment List of female, then male, characters for the presentations How I grade the students' presentations (plus the rubric below) Rubric for grading their presentations (I give them a copy on the back of the project assignment sheet above & then grade directly on the rubric) Students self-assess their presentations
Standard Classes
One way to create the flashcards/mini-posters of the gods & goddesses Flashcards assignment sheetI just wanted to share the topics that I decided on


Matching activity to recognize the impact of Greek Mythology on our world today
Application of knowledge of the Olympian gods (Answer Key included)
I use this as a bellringer & offer extra credit for students that write me a letter in Greek (using the alphabet to phonetically translate English to Greek). They LOVE this!
CROSS-CURRICULAR activity!! (Answer Key included)
Article on the Roman gods and how they took main attributes of Greek mythology, worksheet follows, see Spanos for an answer key. Great for Honors homework.
ppt. with photos my cousin took on his honeymoon last year - statues of the gods, ruins of temples, basic Greek phrases, etc.

Winged Sandals website

Reference Material