Weeks 1-2

4 corners activity

Like a List-Group-Label over parts of speech

I made a re-test from this sheet that I have given in the spring before I start EOC review.

Practice with point of view - easy bellringer

SO this isn't quite what I remembered it being. We could have them rewrite the 1st person passage into 3rd person as a valuable assessment, or we could white-out the 1st & 3rd person labels and have them identify the point of view of each passage, though the first one requires more higher-order thinking skills than the latter.

Short Story analysis graphic organizer

Plot analysis (and much more) sheet
Matching worksheet for literary genres
Amy's Genre Assessment

Weeks 3-4
These are the directions that I put up on the screen for the poetry circles that I did for "Mother to Son," "Women," and "Woman Work."
These are the notetaking sheets that I used for the poetry circles

Week 5-6
SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT for Literary Terms/Elements of Fiction


I know we'd agreed to nix this one, but this sheet & its writing task at the bottom make more sense to me than the Language text, so I'd like us to consider using this as a bellringer/opening activity and quick writing assessment.